The self-controlled pneumatic contact system

The extraordinary conception:
As soon as the goods carrier enters the contact system, pneumatic receives either the manual or electric signal to contact goods carrier and system and electricity can flow.

4 stainless steel plates guarantee a failure-free connection of goods carrier and contact system protecting the pneumatic from external mechanic influence and acid at the same time.

The subconstruction of the PE alignment underneath the base plate is connected to the bath rim balancing out parallel vibrations of the goods carrier.

By this a continually steady power flow is guaranteed. In comparison to competitive products even high amps do not request water cooling or additional cleaning measurements.

Self-controlled – what does it mean?
There is no electronic control necessary regarding the pneumatic contact system made by Auerswald. So no extra cost and expenditure for cabeling and adjustment of software in your galvanic plant are needed.

The intelligent construction:

The power transporting and the pneumatic copper plate are bending parts and no casted ones. So there are no blow holes in the material and a better conductibility is guaranteed. In addition, special constructions regarding bending parts, as ordered by the customer, are easier to change than casted material.

A multi purpose availability:
Our contact systems can be installed in every galvanic plant. Existing installations can be rebuilt without any problems. Moreover the system can be used for any kind of goods carrier.

Long service life:
Matchless in working life and maintenance free as no electronic control is needed and the mechanical system is simple. The sturdy construction includes hardly any parts of wear.

The adjustable range of capacity:
The contact system with straight and angled terminals can be delivered from 3.000 to 12.000 amps as standard. Higher amps and special construction on request.

Safety with guarantee:
We grant a two years’ guaranty on perfect operation under proper use.

The perfect complement:
We offer extremely stable PE plastic guides to fit. Stainless steel hoods and goods carriers are also available.

Quality custom-ordered:
On request we deliver special designs according to your individual demand. Please get in touch with us.

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