Contact hooks

Do you still work with temporary measures or clamps?
Using our KHKU/KHAL you can adjust or remove your galvanic article within short.

The hook adjusts self-tensioning to the goods carrier without any provisional implementation or mounting.

There is no functional interference
The precise clamping to the goods carrier – instead of the screwed version – excludes any interference by acid, for example. An absolutely practical, effective and profitable solution.

Losses in capacity belong to the past

By means of plain surfaces the flexible parts used with the KHKU/KHAL system as contact base guarantee a much better power transfer than casted parts.

Multi purpose availability
The KHKU/KHAL system can be installed in all galvanic installations with goods carriers with cross sections of 50×10 mm at least.

Executions in copper or aluminium
As per your specification the hooks are delivered in copper (KHKU) or aluminium (KHAL) Specifications from 250 to 2.000 amps are available

The perfect complement:
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