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For your electro plating:
Auerswald contact systems. 

Auerswald offers a wide range of patented high quality products for electro plating like contact systems, pneumatic contact systems, contact hooks or goods carriers. Auerswald products provide highest technical standard are long-lived and of extremely high quality. The systems can be dismantled or adjusted by your own employees at any time. We deliver special constructions and designs according to your individual request.

Well considered construction
The self-tensioning contact system by Auerswald consists of a base plate, two flexible copper parts and a slide.
The standard version of 500 to 10.000 amps can be delivered within 14 working days.
Long service life
The construction of contact systems excludes wear parts so the systems are long- lived and maintenance-low.
Easy access
The design of the contact system allows that a system can be easily demounted or adjusted at any time.
To be on the safe side
VA protection guarantees a perfectly smooth running slide so no bending in the middle of the plate happens.
Guaranteed Safety
Perfect function is guaranteed for 3 years under proper use.
Robust and durable
The construction of the contact system grants a perfect application in agitated baths.
The perfect complement
Suitable stable PE plastic guides can be delivered.
Quality with letter and official seal
The self-tensioning contact system is developed and patented by Auerswald.

Auerswald – always one step ahead